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Link up with other drivers in your area to share travel costs to work and back...
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Want to travel somewhere nice but Petrol costs too high? Find a Travel Buddy to share ride...
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Meet up with other mums and share the ride to places of interest/parks and other...
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Want to travel on a holiday break in England or even Europe but do not want to...

Welcome to My Travel Buddies

This new way of travelling will change lives, save money and give people a choice.

A new way to meet others and make new friends.
With petrol prices rising daily travel is becoming more expensive. Everyday the roads are full of one driver cars all going the same way. Motorways in the morning are congested with one occupant cars.

Now there is a way to link up with the people at work or people who live nearby who are travelling in the same direction. You can arrange a car pool and a meet and greet point to pick up your new friends and travel into work together. You can arrange you car sharing plan each taking turns driving and everyone chipping in for costs saving money and wear and tear on the car.

Mums can arrange to meet and travel to that theme park or a day out. You not only save money and possibly take advantage of group admissions savings , your children have fun and meet new friends and so do you!

All you need is here. It is simple. First step is to join and become a member. Then you find the area on the site that applies to you by looking at the drop down menu and find others on that area who have put their travel ideas on and have given their contact details to meet and greet. You can tell your friends and families to also join making your buddy circle even larger giving more opportunities to others. A simple email or call and presto you can make your new connections and start saving money!